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CyclePRINT is an easy to use online cycle network performance toolkit which translates your GPS data into policy relevant insights and enable its’ users to analyze current behaviour, investigate future network enhancements and monitor bicycle network performance in a more detailed way. The results are insights in the actual cycling behaviour in your city or region.

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We link research & cycling policy

CyclePrint is a new link in the existing range of decision-supporting policy tools. By translating GPS data, CyclePrint offers insights into performance of the current and future cycle network. CyclePrint anticipates the need for quantitative knowledge of policymakers and offers support in designing and implementing the bicycle policy of the future. We continuously develop new features based on our customers’ demands. More about us.

Our maps show the actual cycling behaviour

CyclePrint translates GPS data of bicycle movements into policy-relevant information and gives its’ users a detailed picture of up-to-date bicycle use (speeds, routes), network quality (delays, detours) and potential bicycle accessibility (action radius). Furthermore, with the CycleScan the potential amount of new cyclists can be forecasted based on changes in the traveltime as a result of concrete network measures, which can e.g. be the construction of new cycle highways.

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Data is the beginning

Our clients and users are local, regional and national policymakers and consultants. Our work varies from translating GPS data into maps, setting up the quick scan module and next to improving the strong bases of existing features, developing new tools and possibilities.

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